8 Bit Lunar | Shirt

8 Bit Lunar | Shirt



Info Lunaractive does not make any money from selling our wearable products. The price you see is the price we pay for manufacturing the goods. We print out products on demand so we can offer our customers a variety of styles and colors to choose from. There may come a time when we do make money from selling our designs, but at this time we do not.
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Shipping We use USPS for our shipping to keep the cost down for our customers. USPS, in our experience, is very good at delivering wearable goods. If you prefer a different shipping method please let us know and we will make it happen, for a extra cost of course. FedEx and UPS are available. At this time we only ship tangible goods within the US.
Additional Informations We use PayPal for our payment transactions. Simply put; it's easy to use and trusted. We don't store any payment info on Lunaractive.com. We do keep a copy of your order details for shipping and member download info.