Word of Advice

A track unlike any other published Lunar track. Some people would say that it's a generic end of the album "slow" song, but truth be told there would be a whole lot more of these kind of tracks if Lunar was still actively recording. Very personal, very unique. Ethan and Brandon were the ones that recorded this track, what came of that session was something truly great.

Release Date: July 06 2007




Tell me something new to change my life

Each curiosity to ignore

Impart to me your wisest advice

Steer my blind eyes clear of each vice before

I throw this life away with my wisdom

& give my heart again to the wind

I’ll take your words with me & in time

We’ll see what you meant.

Until then I’ll forget

Can you condense all the trials of existence

Into a sentence to make me a man?

All I seem to gain from your guidance is idle

until I cry like a child & burn my hand


The direction I’m better off choosing

All the slogans to detour regret

guidelines set forth by the wounded

bred for removing the dangers

of man’s volition

so send me away on a mission to take

second changes you’ll ever have

and I’ll comfortably gain all wisdom attained

the name is paid in your past