The Upper Hand

Hard hitting drums and a metal story lyrics. This tale follows a man's transformation as he builds a new arm to replace the one given to him by this creator.

Release Date: July 06 2007




Cursed burdened from birth bearing the best of nature’s worst

In this universe sustain the painful balance I play in diverse

Reversed the day I had my better hand taken away from me

Obverse by a logical brain to make

A new man of me

Cure the disease

A weapon to fill the wound, a hero to be for my own sake

Bearing the weight of God’s mistakes

A way to gain the world with the upper hand

Deep, circuitry crawls, clinching whatever it can find (latent in me)

Cold wire creeps, working, installs into the hardware of my mind (desires set free)

And I come awake, bearing a cold device, now a part of me

Hiding my face, this upper hand can make

(something under the skull)

Calling out for a fight to prove to the world that I’m made of something better

(rises up to control)

All my life my desire to gain the upper hand grows in me as metal fingers curl to fists

Strike my face, strangle the living breath right out of me

Numb, barely awake, every part slowly being replaced

Memories fade, a new mind it trades, against my will this choice that made

A dead man of me

Eyes close behind the mask, a corpse in this cold machine decays

Bearing the weight that I became

To blame, and gained the world with the upper hand