The Great Divide

Screaming, guitars, and drums OH MY! The Great Divide has it all.

Release Date: July 06 2007




We all fight to prove each other wrong, instead of for what’s right

(this field’s strewn with allies who were put to death for conflicting insight)

Holy guessing made us blind to what’s been black and white

(off the beaten path of truth to find, into the great divide)

A multitude of divisions as far as the eye can see

Soldiers uprising against commander’s beliefs

Pursuing visions only now revealed to the chosen elite

The rest imprisoned in ancient belief

We all started in the same direction, when will we all learn?

Some lost their way but still we pray, hoping for their return

Return to truth but what is truth? We claim we know it well

To this they say we’ll find one day in Heaven or in Hell

Freedom each claims is obtained through conflicting dreams

Of the answerless questions and chosen extremes

Driving division where guidelines went gray

Till we shattered like glass and now scattered in fragments we lay


We all race toward independence, ignoring what we leave behind

Carried apart by divination, creating what we want to find

“Where do dividing walls fall? In the simple truth which every honest man seeks. In the end victory is not gained in the battle of our beliefs, it was there all along woven into the fabric of the same reality we all are bound to, waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to sincerely face the unalloyed truth head on at all costs.”

The face of truth upon us as we fight the torrent tide

(the crashing waters wash away drifting traditions and pious pride)

Could we have found our common ground of truths beyond our minds?

(and brave the beaten path of truth together, hand in hand when we are blind)