Sho-Down | TFT

Two samurai dual to the death in this epic rock story bases song, using midi video game tracks as inspiration.

Release Date: July 06 2007




Ninja dagger hits the door. Meet me at sunrise.

I can’t take this anymore, now close up of my eyes.

Thirty shurikens in my belt and an emotion that I’ve never felt

is remorse for exacting my revenge.

I’m from the land of the rising sun, I am the son of the chosen one

and I’ll rise up and defend.

The sweat doesn’t hit my eyes, but my head band is wet.

Watch you sneak in look for me, but I’m on the ceiling

I drop to the floor silently, the shadows are my allie and violently

my heart is beating fast.

Suddenly you look to me, your face is so familar to me

something from the past.

The time has come (the time has come)

for a sho-down (two samurai one on one)

The time has come to fight, mortal enemies tonight

to relieve my spite, one on one.

Metal to metal and soul to soul, eye to eye til death

blur of movement, in slow motion, bleeding from my head

I can block everything you got, but when you open up I’ll cut you off

and hit an artery

Your knees hit the ground as one eye shuts, my katana blade’s exposed

the guts and blood of my enemy.