Reckless Return | IS

A song so nice they recorded it three times. A solid rock track that was instantly loved by those who listened to it. While there are three versions, each is unique in it's own way. It's up to you to decide.

Release Date: February 08 2003




The truth as I know it, the truth that we had shared- abandon our culture and embrace.

But comrades come and comrades go, and holding close to what I know can be a lonely


Those eyes now look away, I see a distant silhouette, silent departure on a whim.

(all along it was me pushing you away)

On My friend you seem to have a hunger for regret, walk a tight rope for too long and

your feet will slip.

(Goodbye) Good bye my friend, it’s as good as dead, I said it before now I say it again.

Discomfort came, you decided to run, reckless abandon and reckless return.

Wish I knew the answer, when the asker didn’t speak, who’s lips are sealed in shame.

I’ll look or someone who’d relate, but they always end up reprobate, who was just

playing another game.

While not assuming perfection, I don’t claim that at all maybe I’m just fanatical(it’s all an

act, like you I fall)

Everybody claims they find the truth, but in their lives it seems so loose, maybe these are

narrow gates after all…

We play this game of inconsistency, we’ll talk but you go on resisting me.

Tragedy so common loses shock value over time, we ride on our emotions and down the

road we change our minds.

And I’m the one who’s in the dirt, I played myself so well again.

I call you runaway but you only ran from this suffocating friend

My heavy heart, my lonely soul, my burden that you could not bear

I gave my heart to flesh and bone, and murmured soulish, empty prayers.

[and then we watched each other fall, this world makes fools of us all,

but when we got back up, we were closer than before and

you were that friend after all]

(Goodbye) good bye my friend, I’m as good as dead, all my humility a costume for sin.

Having my way was my only concern, so the to the past I abandoned I recklessly return.