An honest look at sexuality from the Lunar guys point of view.

Release Date: November 19 2004




Picturing you without your clothes on

In my mind I know it feels wrong

I try to stop my self but I just can not help it.

My perversions killed my perception of women

no longer innocent, sex objects and images.

I make my self look so good on the out side I’m shining

the corruption within all the feelings I’m hiding

the jealous me I’m constantly fighting

the old me is living the new me is dieing.

And I don’t love you anymore

I only want your sex (and I only want a whore)

Anymore when I see you (shame defeats me)

I don’t know what to do, but smile back at you,

It hides what you don’t see in me

I wanted the best for you

So tonight you better stay away

I just might do something I regret

You better stay away before I kill again

And I ruin our relationship

You trust me so much and you call me your brother

While you’re my object of lust just like all the others

How would see me if you caught just a glimpse

Of the twisted imagination that you’re so oblivious

I say I’ll defend you and I’ll play the part well

But in an empty bed lay my head where these fantasies swell

From an image you, I chose to stare longer

When I abandoned respect and let my graphic mind wander

The only way I can love you is one way

Protect you from predators - so I stay away

And my prayer will continue to be:

Please God allow me to see her the way you see her

For value comes from you, respect and love, they are all of you

And it is who you are, not what I try to do

But in you I can be a man.