Our Freedom

Lunaractive's Bad Religion song, just not as good. Punk verses with a three part harmony chorus.

Release Date: February 08 2003




All the fighting the bleeding the domestic beatings.

The rapings the tapings the spousal abuse.

The pornography and all those who need it

And all the rich companies ad all those who feed it.

All the burning the fire the flaming desire

All the misguided acts of everyone around us

Me not excluded I might be the worst

Making myself sick every moment I breath

All the corruption the hate and the things I despise

All the people who hate us and the way they tell lies

So many divorces and the pain it brings with it

The hate in the families and the children who witness it

All the fathers who left their kids that never looked back

All the children growing up who never had dads

All the opportunities missed like turning into a man

They get older but they never understand

We call it our freedom and we call it our right (call it what you like)

You can call it safe, whatever makes it alright (it’s alright)

We know our passions they must be fed (don’t count the cost just go straight to bed)

We call it liberty, it’s just maturity (it’s our security)

How old and tired are the boundary lines of purity (purity)

This is how love should be expressed (and when it wears away move on to the next)

Going to parties and passing out drunk

Waking up in your urine and feeling so alone

Asking yourself what the hell happened to me?

Meeting strangers in the dark has become a routine

Your late this month but don’t remember having sex

What’s next your stressed and your feeling so depressed

With a child on the way with no means to support it

A father you can’t pick out you’ll have to abort it.