Fake metal, real heart. Ikiru stands out as an inspirational sounding track with likewise lyrics. From start to finish it never lets up. Eric Porter and Anthony Munoz starting working on this song one night at Captain Man studios, right from the start they knew it would turn into something great.

Release Date: July 06 2007




Diffident, Dresses his armor so magnificent

Wearing the blood of fallen soldiers, slain

Safely impotent, fixated on his days so innocent

Dreaming that one day he could revisit enchantment

as his own casualty, to avoid the scars

(laying where the defeated are)

by dead bodies he stays, till it disappears

(forsaking life with closed eyes)

Confident, Ikiru takes his fear and conquers it

wearing these battle scars and bleeding life is not

stopping him each moment he will take on top of him

but he’d be slain before he’d die within his own soul

Paying each penalty, he takes on the next (taking the enemy on)

on the frontline he stays, cherishing each breath

knowing no new day. in each passing moment

amassing in his dead ways, living in his grave

Battle sounds die down as he’s still living on the

bloodied ground. fallen ones surround. one surviving foot man found

he bows before his ruler’s throne and gains a medal for bravery shown.

promoted to shogun he stays on battlefields so far away.

on the frontline he stays. his soul find new home his fight to hold the throne

he never looked away.

Grab hold before it’s too late

let go of the world you can’t recreate

don’t sell your soul so you can escape this battlefield