Going Home | Synthesis

One of the first songs Lunar wrote, and one that is still loved my many. Ethan and Anthony's first true collaboration into solid rock music.

Release Date: November 19 2004




I’m scared I’ve gone too far and now I can’t turn back

Too many miles on foot with no directions or no map

Unaware of who I am, what I am, and where I can be

Feeling of amnesia need something to remind me

Will I ever find my way?

All alone standing here

With nothing left to say for my self

Only filled with this

This fear inside is so overwhelming

I try to hide but I feel it all around me

It’s me I fight I am the enemy

I need to die to what I have, what I have become

A recognizing voice but a voice I’ve never heard

Whispers coming from behind, but I’m to afraid to turn

Not because I no the way but I don’t need misdirection

But perhaps this path could be my way out of depression

For every answer another question came I could not go on ignoring

and all the sentimental smiles faded away after Sunday morning

And though I never saw Him nor did logic work alone

Something beyond this reality called me home