Defeated Love Song

The lead melody taken from an unused track from Nicolle' s former band. The "poppyist" song Lunar has, and one that a lot of people like. Three part harmonies abound in this song, as does that dueling guitars.

Release Date: July 06 2007




Drank bitter venom till I overdosed

So tired of regret I’m comatose

One long tragic sigh of relief

The kind survivors breathe

When storms have left

And everything’s ruined


So long ago it all stopped making sense

Carried by attempt after attempt at making amends

Trial and error added up

To subtract from the two of us so much

We finally divided

Still I’m debating with myself

Hating what finally came of

A defeated love song

Every word written I wish

Never had to exist

How could such meaningful words become

Devastation, slowly

Once accomplished, so much more lonely now

That it’s all - said and done

So afraid to try to write another one

Now every facial expression you make

Carries a memory of a past mistake

I try to find something to say

To help these memories away from us

But I’d just be redundant.


Prayers are stuck in my throat, The moral of this story gives me no hope

Looking for something good to say of this, But all I see is an exhausted mess

I wrote this song for you, but we finished before it did

And then it wasn’t true; these aren’t the lyrics I wanted

The fairy tail’s departed, all I have left to sing to you is…


So wasted from hating someone I love

Sour taste of aftermath so poisonous

Half trying to find my conviction

Latent addictions must be shunned or I’ll become

A defeated love song