Comfort (At The Cost Of You) | TFT

Pop rock done right. It's catchy and addictive. Ethan's vocal writing skills shine bright.

Release Date: July 06 2007




Our ruthless passion’s endless, we’ll push it until we’re friendless

and when we get yes begins a nexus, drenched in cement connect relentless

how such vein persistence bears semblance to tenderness and care-

rendering a friendship breathless, connected by such a scared encumbrance

All of my comfort’s fading away, as I lose my hold

It seems that illness I thought had been remedied only was hiding in you

(stealing life from you)

Could I be so spineless, Affection to hide in

This is the dirtiest thing I’ve done (dumped my burden on you and called it


Feelings we have, like with tightly clenched holding hands

there are termites in this romance, all this closeness, chokes aloneness, a circumstance of

Feelings in us, like of clinical self-disgust, cynical we’ve held what’s unjust

this insecure lust’s nothing but a justified arrogance


And as I’m turning from this now I’m facing myself

(take this ruin within investigate fetid stealth)

seeking freedom (not just escape) purification (of self centered hate)

Cleansed by grace through the fire that demands the truth

(lay your burden) not on the weak but the strong

(pull the curtain) it’s time to take charge of all of our deep-rooted wrong

(lust is defeat) and an apology won’t suffice to resolve-

(love is your choice) but a fight for the future we make by the paths that we’re called…

All of my comfort faded away, and this battle rages on

I know that- I’ll fight this fight till the day that I die

And as long as I do it’s already won.