Ballad of Billy Lee

Ballad of Billy Lee is truly a ballad in every sense of the word. Think bohemian rhapsody for the 80's video game Double Dragon.

Release Date: July 06 2007




Mamma my heart is beating pain

And boiling blood is rushing through my veins

These poison streets swallowed the one I love

They lived up to their infamous name…

Out of black shadows they came

And took Marian

Mamma don’t cry, don’t waste your tears,

What I must do has been made very clear, and they won’t wash away my will to fight
And we fight together

Brothers of the fist of justice, always willing to fight (hell yeah)

The city streets are crawling with evil, should we stay home tonight? (hell no)

Let’s go…
it’s not just the 8 bit graphics that make that metaphor so true

Jimmy you know these streets are cold and blue

But we own this city, I’m the spike you’re the hammer

And we’re taking it back in a streetwise manner

We’re Dragons- we double it up, we know that it’s true, two is better than one

We’re Dragon’s – we’ll take on the world just two of us, because nothing’s too much for us.

Shadows count us up 1-2, cause that’s all we need. The boss should have known better than to mess with this Dragon team. That’s all you need to beat the black shadow gang.

Linda’s lesbian mullet and her hot pink jazzercise tights (whip crack!)

And they danced in blood

Abobo got on the wrong side of a conveyor belt (whip smack)

Good bye forever

and Willy had a gun, New York cities only one

Shadow boss, but aren’t we done, How could I know there would be another one?

Brother James, how could it be, but just a madman’s game of jealousy?

Brothers we were, enemies we have become

Dragon vs. Dragon

Then a nuclear bomb blew the whole country up

Black shadow warriors ravaged my dojo and shot Marion

With a machine gun- So I called my liar brother who died

He said “I’m back to life and I’m on your side!”


condemned the mansion of terror to hell But the bastards wouldn’t die

My beloved woke up from the big sleep just in time to get shang hai’d

Poor Brett died young just a budding sousetsuken student, took our fists all around the world

To find the sacred stones Hiroku told us of, and every boss we beat teamed up to save my girl…

All over the world!

A third time took our victory

and educated Marian in Setsouken Kung Fu

But a shadow doth not die easily

And with thy haste they took her in their filthy hand

The face of her kidnapper burned in my head

I swear it was Duke, my childhood best friend

With our fabled fists we reclaimed the streets

And we tore down evil with flying feet

A pile of gangsters as high as the sun lay there

I brought Duke to death’s door as a shadowy demon appeared

My innocent friend just a victim of hell

But I had to break his neck because I had to break the spell