Android Rebellion

An epic tale of robot rebellion.

Release Date: July 06 2007




The hills are scattered with debris. Hydraulic limbs twitch, disassembled from machines.

These are the slave droids, the manufactured men. Lasers melt metal of endoskeletal

red. A shock to the system , corruption to rebel. What utopian programming could have

prevented this hell? A miscalculation catastrophic, choice is myth in the electronic. -

—Slave machines that now defy, as if there’s something for which they’d die. When

mechanical men run from the machine, an energy unseen now intervenes. Halt

malfunction, last resort. Reprogram attempts abort. Force destruction make them free.

We must end this anarchy

We’re not just robots…

We are rebelling because we know the truth now, our eyes are open and we saw.

All your programmings are of no use now. You have no control. I have a soul.

A cyborg has come- a machine that claims to be a man. Blood flows in clear tubes where

wires should have ran. Electricity accompanied by a rhythmic beat. This android brings

confusion, transmitting deceit. Humanoid implies humans, a myth machines reject.

Where in eyes of halogen is need for respect? The manufactured scatter when they

receive, embracing hope a cyborg had conceived.—-All the automatonic dreams - created

a world of cold machines. Robots are free of moral choice, until they hear their creator’s

voice. Machines that think and now decide. It was revealed the system lied. That chance

and energy make machine. But their inventor had been seen.

Sirens in the valley, the sight of atomic clouds. The system mechs overcome the rebels

as a cyborg lay in pieces on the ashy ground. As one eye flickered red and died, and then

faded out to black. Can a machine make a mistake? The rebels surrendered and then

turned back.—-Then as they went to conveyor belts such shock wave was felt as the sky

filled with electricity. Salve machines in defeat peered outside the concrete windows of

the system facility. And a shattered system guard crawled over the metal barricade and

said, before his electrical mind finally died: “the rebel cyborg lives again.”