All We Become

We wanted to create a song that the crowd could sing along to, a song that represents how we feel about all the hard work and devotion people have spent on Lunaractive.

Release Date: November 19 2004




At the point we stand three years behind

Found what we never knew we’d find

In our minds we just played our guitars

Tried to combine our minds and get popular

As the songs that sang of one broken heart

In view of you they all fell apart

And the start of something real occurred

That made fame seem absurd

And the band plays on, till they’re out of songs, and they are done

(and our goals grew with the truth)

and we don’t sing to crowds because the crowd sings loud and we are one

(success was found where we hadn’t looked)

Our sisters, our brothers, God given moms and fathers,

This family growing on and on…

And I can’t explain (everything we have gained)

So we’ll do all we can to sing it anyway

And in the end (my friend) this is for you

And if our last words (are the words we sing now)

I’d say I love you till I’m spitting blood and passing out

And in the end (my friend) this is for you…

As families break up and life goes on

We found one that builds as we move along

This songs to say we didn’t see the day

I could hug a stranger in a crowd like family

And sweat so much I think I could die

Spend ourselves till we’re barely alive

Like a fight we all win together

We’ll remember this night forever

All we become we become together, what we are now we are with you

and all we become if it could last forever, until the end we’ll see this through