Today For Tomorrow

Release Date: July 06 2007


Today For Tomorrow is Lunaractive's coming of age album. Blending punk, rock, and metal into what can finally be called their own style. Bringing along other tracks from previous albums, Lunaractive was hoping to introduce these tracks to a newer & wider audience. This record introduced Kyle Paradis has the final drummer for Lunaractive. His addition to the record makes the drums on Today For Tomorrow stand apart from the rest of Lunar's catalog. Each "new" track on TFT was written for the purpose of being harder & stronger then anything Lunar had created.

Track List

Prepare To Die

Prepare to Die is the first track on album Today For Tomorrow. The track builds up into song Today

Today For Tomorrow

Would you trade today for tomorrow? This is what TFT asks. Brandon's incredible guitar is

The Great Divide

Screaming, guitars, and drums OH MY! The Great Divide has it all.


Fake metal, real heart. Ikiru stands out as an inspirational sounding track with likewise lyrics.

Comfort (At The Cost Of You) | TFT

Pop rock done right. It's catchy and addictive. Ethan's vocal writing skills shine bright.

Defeated Love Song

The lead melody taken from an unused track from Nicolle' s former band. The "poppyist" song Lunar


Hard hitting rock track. Dual screaming vocals from Brandon and Ethan.

Ballad of Billy Lee

Ballad of Billy Lee is truly a ballad in every sense of the word. Think bohemian rhapsody for the

The Upper Hand

Hard hitting drums and a metal story lyrics. This tale follows a man's transformation as he builds

Sho-Down | TFT

Two samurai dual to the death in this epic rock story bases song, using midi video game tracks as

Holding Out For A Hero

Lunaractive's homage to Bonnie Tyler. A band & crowd favorite.

Reckless Return | TFT

A song so nice they recorded it three times. A solid rock track that was instantly loved by those


A mash up of sci-fi movie clips leading to Android Rebellion

Android Rebellion

An epic tale of robot rebellion.

All We Become | TFT

We wanted to create a song that the crowd could sing along to, a song that represents how we feel

Word of Advice

A track unlike any other published Lunar track. Some people would say that it's a generic end of