Today For Tomorrow

July 06 2007

Today For Tomorrow is Lunaractive's coming of age album. Blending punk, rock, and metal into what can finally be called their own style. Bringing along other tracks from previous albums, Lunaractive was hoping to introduce these tracks to a newer & wider audience. This record introduced Kyle Paradis has the final drummer for Lunaractive. His addition to the record makes the drums on Today For Tomorrow stand apart from the rest of Lunar's catalog. Each "new" track on TFT was written for the purpose of being harder & stronger then anything Lunar had created.


November 19 2004

Synthesis is Lunaractive's sophomore album, and it's turn from punk to a more heavy sounding style. Trust was built to keep up with emerging harder bands and silence critics, and it did just fine for Lunar's image become a crowd favorite. Predator continued with Lunar's honesty regarding sexuality, just as Our Freedom did on Intergalactic Samurai.

Intergalactic Samurai

February 08 2003

The genesis of the Lunaractive recording process. Raw, unrefined, and incredibly addictive. From the tracks to the name of the album show Lunar's homage to 80's ninja movies and sci-fi robot films. Most of the tracks on Intergalactic Samurai become revamped in later Lunar album, although a lot of people express that the original songs on IS are among their favorite.