Welcome to the Lunaractive.com

Welcome to the Lunaractive.com

Let me welcome you to the new Lunaractive.com.  It’s been a while since we put any effort into anything Lunar related.  Much of the last sever years was spent getting married, making babies, and securing careers.

It’s fun to be working on Lunar related stuff again.  The reason for getting the site in order is to make sure we have a record of the Lunar rebellion.  It’s fun to look back an remember the great times we had with everyone.  Truth be told a lot of the content for the site I had to track down from doing Google searches and digging through old hard drives.  It’s pretty embarrassing to have to Google lyrics I sang hundreds of times.  The old site was hosted through a company that is no longer is business so we lost everything we had never downloaded ourselves.

So, I’ll keep working on uploading stuff that’s been hidden away for years.  Let me know if there is anything you would like to see.  We didn’t keep track of the photos like we should have, so if you have any, please send them our way.  Thanks guys!


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