Today For Tomorrow Remixed and Mastered

Today For Tomorrow Remixed and Mastered

We went into the studio just to see what would happen if we took the Today For Tomorrow tracks and had them remixed and mastered.  We honestly were not expecting to much, not because the producer wasn’t good (he was great), but because we have spent the last 6 years being ashamed of the album we produced.  We tried to mix and master our own album, not understanding the great undertaking it was, and we really didn’t know how to use the tools to produce quality songs.

Right from the start of the session we knew that it was going to sound the way we envisioned when we wrote the tracks.  The drums, the guitars, the vocals, THE BASS, everything sounded so clear and complementing.  It was so reassuring to know that it could sound good. 

We only had the money to re-do one track but at least we know it can be done. If we were to finish the album it will take a whole lot more involvement and resources, and someday it will be done, but for now we will make the track available.  Thank you for listening.

You can download the mp3 by signing up for the site and going to your user account, purchases.


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