Balls Salute: Liati

Balls Salute: Liati

Lunaractive Balls Salute: Kyle Riley (Liati)

He didn’t go by that name when we were first introduced to Kyle, he went by Liati. I’m not even sure he liked our music, but loved to argue with us, at least on the Internet. In the early years we had a forum, which was pretty active for being a small town band, and that’s were we found this kid. He would write huge, long, sometimes crazy arguments and reply’s to everything from philosophical to religious threads. This dude was awesome, he was fun to read.

One day we agreed to have dinner, actually I think it was about 2 in the morning at some greasy spoon we liked hanging out at. Well, in strolls this normal soft spoken guy that looked nothing like the person I envisioned in my mind, and he was totally cool. We talked about forum talk and everything else under the moon. Mostly it was Ethan, Brandon, and I in the wee hours of the morning but Kyle showed up quite a bit to hangout too.

He would become an active member of our street team and send us cool videos to watch online. It’s been a while I see the guys, I’m something tells me he’s exactly the same, this time he has the whole of Facebook to harass.

We will always appreciate Kyle for the verbal beatings he gave us for our beliefs. I remember Kyle telling me that he believes there is some sort of God because every time he’s drawn to look at a clock it’s 9:11. I don’t know if that still happens to him but damned if its not 9:11 most of the time when I look, and I always think of that white nerdy guy that looked nothing like his huge internet persona.

Thank you my friend, lets ALL hangout soon.

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